What is our mission?

We at Khan Hair Xpenso are passionate about what we do – bringing only the highest quality products to people. To make our customers healthier and happier!

Our focus is on “quality”. We don’t function in the business mindset of doing things cheaply for a higher return. We use amazing high-quality products because they do the best job without damaging your hair and skin, and for you to get the best results from using them.

We’ll always choose YOU over a profit! It makes no sense for us to conduct business any other way. That is our main objective – to get you to love your hair, style , and looking and feeling as great as possible!

HAIR and SKIN is one of the things that both men and women care deeply about. Our hair and skin are what helps us stand out in the crowd, it helps us identify who we are and our hair is a reflection of our unique personality. We all want to frame our faces with a good head of hair, right? So, it’s extremely important to carefully consider not just the brand of hair products you are using, but also the ingredients that make up those hair and skin products.

Who is Khan Hair Xpenso?

Irfan Khan

Managing Director & Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

Rizwan Khan

Professional Stylist